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A Letter from

At Janipro, our priority will always be you. You are the main reason why we ensure every product is clinically tested, of the highest quality, and backed by a proven track record that is filled with endless research before it even reaches your hands. With your interest in mind, we choose to work with only the right partners to develop supplements that will truly benefit you. This exclusivity is extended to people who share the same beliefs and visions as us.

We fully understand that the market is currently filled with similar products, but we are here to assure you what sets us apart is our ability to see the bigger picture. On top of producing supplements in capsule forms that you can easily consume by mixing with food or drinks, our Vitamin C’s are also absent of artificial sweeteners, highly soluble and easy on your stomach! Without forgoing quality, we aspire to create products at a price point everybody can afford.

Lastly, we’ve also made it our mission to never neglect other niche groups, and this includes expecting mothers or infants who would require more specific forms of essential nutrition. That is why a mother and her child’s needs will always be taken care of through another range of exclusively designed products

We hope Janipro has enriched your lives as much as it has, ours. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

We also wish to connect with individuals who share the same sentiments by engaging with various partners from The United States, Canada, France, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, India, China, Thailand, Australia, South Korea, Japan and New Zealand. This collaboration will further enhance our visions and provide you with products that fully comply with global health and quality standards.

Most importantly, we will never forget the creation of high-quality nutraceuticals is the heart of what we do. With hard work, motivation, and a strong desire to give back to the community that helped us become who we are today, we aim to deliver health to our colleagues, customers, and the community – one person, one Product, and one neighborhood at a time

with appreciatio